The Aragonese Pyrenees, located along the border of France and Spain, is a scenic region with plenty of historical sites such as old churches, palace, culture, and nature. This region attracts hundreds of tourists every year from Europe and beyond. Surprisingly few for such a great place. In this article, we open your eyes to this heaven on earth. For travel enthusiasts and most people, Aragonese Pyrenees remain in the bucket of places to visit.

There are plenty of sites and activities to engage in during your visit to this fantastic region. From mountain biking, rock climbing, and aerial sports, there is so much to do here. In this article, we take you to some hidden gems and what they have to offer. These gems are Aragon towns and villages which boast incredible architectural magnificence. Sample a few of these villages and towns here.


Situated by the shores of a lake by a similar name, this small hamlet comprises of archaic stone homes, an old church, and friendly inhabitants. Lanuza is barricaded by the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains which makes it a top village to visit for the beautiful views all round. In the Lanuzas calendar is the annual International Pirineos Sur festival that brings together the best of arts, music and culture from Spain and beyond.


The 11th century Santa Maria church is located in this old historic village. Situated at the foot of the Pyrenean hills, Alquézar boasts of rich culture, architectural marvels and historical significance. For this reason, The United Nations cultural organisation UNESCO cited the cave paintings in the Northern Alquézar as prehistoric artefacts deserving of protection for posterity. Fun activities to do in this magnificent village include rock climbing, canyoning and photography.


Situates at the intersection of two rivers with a superimposed background of the Pena Montanesa escarpment, Aínsa town has stood the test of time and modernity for aeons. Aínsa is also home to traditional artisans who can cobble up memorable souvenirs as you hit the streets for an online casino game on Unibet and a cup of brewed coffee. In Aínsa you will find the historic building that housed the offices of the defunct Sobrarbe Kingdom.


A popular destination for tourists all year round, Biesca hosts some of the most magnificent architectural designs of Aragonese. Among the marvels are the historic San Salvador Church and the engraved Aragonese Chimneys considered as evil stoppers. You will learn a lot more fun facts in this town as you witness the ravages of the Spanish Civil war.


Fondly referred to as Benas by the locals, Benasque prides itself in numerous lakes, lush valleys, beautiful waterfalls and plenty of historical sites. Among the attractions is the Romanesque Santa Maria Church, an old palace and the peaks of Aragonese Pyrenees on every side you look. Among the mountains is Aneto summit with a height of over 3000 Metres.


Graus, a small village situated in Huesca province, is notable for the magnificent Santa Maria Basilica church among other historic structures. It has two rivers flowing through it; the Esera river and Isabena river. Fun fact about Graus is the remnants of the Aragonese language that has become almost extinct in the Aragon region.

Murillo De Gallego

Situated at the foot of Pyreneen mountains, this small village has a lot to offer. Firstly, you can take nature walks in the pristine environment, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mallos de Riglos. Secondly, you can engage in various sports such as horse riding, mountain biking as you meet and greet the pleasant people along the streets and walkways. We could go on and on about this village. You will have to visit and see for yourself.