The Aragonese Pyrenees are the heart of Spain bestowed with numerous attractive sites, including beautiful mountains that have continued to draw many visitors over the years. Particularly, if you visit Northern Aragon, you will be delighted by the domination of the lovely foothills and the mountain peaks of Pyrenees.

The mountains are commended for their high peaks that allow visitors to access the panoramic viewpoints, where one can enjoy jagged peaks, green valleys and chiselled gorges. Here are some of the things you can see and do in the Aragonese Pyrenees mountains.

Mountain Hiking

Hiking through the Pyrenees mountains is the best experience you can ever have. It is an incredible activity that will allow you to experience beautiful nature and landscapes. Besides, hiking will be a memorable experience, and you can interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Perhaps the best idea is to hire a qualified mountain guide for a more exciting and safe experience.

Mountain hiking is the best way to relieve your stress as you reconnect with nature. If you want to benefit more from Pyrenees mountain hiking, spare at least two hours. This will allow enough time to explore unique spots. Moreover, if you don’t want to exhaust all your energy climbing the mountains, hiking will be the ideal thing to do to exercise your body.

Mountain Climbing

The Aragonese Pyrenees are home to the beautiful mountains of Spain. This has attracted the attention of mountain climbers enabling them to explore the high summits. These mountains are excellent avenues to allow climbers to challenge themselves over different peaks.

In fact, there is always an option to have a climb, as the region is replete with numerous mountains. During your mountain climbing trip, you will discover panoramic views, different plant species and animals that will bring in the sense of the natural grandeur.

Mountain Biking

After a tiring week of work, you may choose to do mountain biking through the Pyrenees mountains during the weekend. Mountain biking is an excellent activity to discover the various tracks of the Aragonese Pyrenees, including muddy terrain and snow paths. Besides, it is good for body fitness as you enjoy striking sceneries.

The good news is that numerous tracks are available to best suit the different skills of bikers. Furthermore, you never stop learning when doing mountain climbing. It is a good chance to challenge yourself over roads, water crossings, single tracks and forest trails.